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Client: World Cup 2014 Profile: Various Corporate Companies Year: 2014
Area: Meetings & Events Duration: 4 weeks Location: 6 locations in Brazil

What a kick off with 5 key clients in 6 World Cup city locations during 4 weeks of sheer excitement in Brazil where football passion runs high and in the DNA of the country.

Key clients included a leading European Sportwear Company sponsoring one of the Participating Teams; a Middle East and Swiss Banks, American Beer company, US Oil company and European Football Federation delegation. Game play changed from creating a compete Brazil experience in a day; full hospitality programme in Rio; logistics support for delegations and a comprehensive programme of match visits in 3 key cities to a very upscale opening and closing event in a unique setting for VIP customers.  

We created client teams and supplemented these with players from our offices in Portugal and Spain

to ensure project management and ownership was consistent throughout. We were out to win. This is one of the key benefits of working with us, the ability to move resource at short notice as we understand the cultural differences in each of our destinations and we speak the languages too – Portuguese, Spanish and English.
30 Days
64 Events
6 Match city locations
2,000 Participants
We create
unboring solutions
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