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Client: Rio Olympics 2016 Profile: Combination of corporate clients, sports agencies and production companies. Year: 2016
Area: Meetings & Events Duration: 4 weeks Location: Rio de Janeiro

We went for Gold with 6 key clients

Just like the Olympics

We need to be medal winning in a number of disciplines from hospitality programme for the largest media sponsor to a press launch for a famous atheltic team;

complex incentive programme for a major Mexican Telecoms company to brand activation for a chinese drinks company.

We also kicked off with a European Football Federation Female Team supporters programme and transport support logistics for a major UK production.

We had 6 teams, with colleagues from our Portugal and Spain operations, working specifically on each client to ensure client continuity and resource utilisation efficiency.

Each programme required contingencies given the high-profile nature of the event.

Planning started 12 months in advance for some clients but 3 saw an lead in period of less than 3 months requiring a flexible approach whilst not losing sight of client objectives.

Strong supplier relationships played a strong part in each programme especially as some required exclusive use for the duration of the games.

1,570 Visits to Corcovado
100 Dining experiences
174 Jeeps
67 Activity Sessions
1,750 Guests on restaurant
1,750 Carnival Masks

“The tours, the lunches, the entertainment, the guide/staff dinners and the bus riders – all were simply top-notch and we could not have asked for more. Your team was unbelievable and always had a smile on their face, treating each day with the same enthusiasm as the first. You should be incredibly proud of them and your accomplishments as you all truly shined. We are extremely grateful for our partnership and the new friendships made.”

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