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Client: Sportzone Profile: Brand Activation Year: 2017
Area: Brand Activation Duration: 6 months Location: Lisbon | PORTUGAL

Empowering the Portuguese Futsal League


Empowering the Portuguese Futsal League

Sportzone, a leading Portuguese sports and activewear brand chain of stores, became the main sponsor of the Portuguese Futsal League. They challenged us to create a brand activation experience to would boost the awareness of the sport and the league across the country.

A fan-tastic experience!

We set out to demonstrate that the emotional connection with futsal can be just as powerful and with football.

The concept was called #ONOSSOFUTSAL (our futsal) and it focused on capturing the emotions of people who experienced futsal. We partnered with the Portuguese Football Federation in an effort to gather public interest and highlight the professionalism in the sport.

To engage the fans, we created a competition encouraging people to create short videos showcasing their passion for futsal. The invitation was made by professional futsal players which only generated great excitement with the viewers.

The Portuguese Futsal League selected the best video and the winning team from Mira had the experience of a lifetime. They played a game of futsal with their idols from the Portuguese National Team.

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