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Nespresso Goal Aligment 2018
Client: Nespresso Profile: Retail Year: 2018
Area: Meetings & Events Duration: 2 Location: Porto

Every year Nespresso Portugal has the annual kick off - Nespresso Goal Alignment, where they outline the following year’s strategies, announce news, and present the results from the previous year to the employees. This year was different for two reasons:

1. The brand presented its new brand values;

2. The kick off coincided with the celebration of the 15 years Nespresso in Portugal.

The kickoff meeting initiated the two-day event, the meeting took place during the morning at Real Companhia Velha, in Oporto. During the afternoon, considering the 5 new brand values and the need to root them in the minds of the collaborators, we created a circuit with 5 different stops. Each of the stops was associated with and related to a value in question, the Festival of Purpose. The group of 200 people was divided into five groups, rotating between the 5 stations:

  • 1. Timeline

On the Timeline station, employees represented their proudest moment in the company, by taking a photograph with an instant camera and sticking the picture in the year to which the proudest moment is related to. Associating this action with the value Building For The Long Term, because it was possible to identify the senior collaborators and the new generation, creating links of connection and a moment of union.

  • 2. Sensational video

At this stop the employees experienced a video that represents all the moments through which Nespresso coffee passes until it is a capsule. Inside the room, built of cork, the audience went through sensations of humidity, different smells, wind and other sensations. It served to pass on to employees, what the company does so that every day, not only the coffee is better, but Nespresso itself.

  • 3. Lego Serious Play

In today's world, the need to be constantly innovating and being creative, is key. So, taking into consideration the BEING INSPIRED TO INNOVATE value, participants were challenged to create with their own hands, using something as simple as LEGO

  • 4. Nespresso Capsule Panel 

Resorting to team building and mutual aid among all, because only this way is possible Growing And Succeed Together. The groups were challenged to associate golden and black Nespresso capsules to numbers in two different panels. Finished, these panels illustrate motivational phrases alluding to the brand's new values - having been placed at Nespresso Portugal Headquarters.

  • 5. Barista Workshop

To serve well, Serving With Passion is necessary. Using the raw material, coffee, the guests were challenged to create different coffeetails together with a team of Nespresso baristas.

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