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Client: Tech Company Profile: Tech Year: 2015
Area: Meetings & Events Duration: 4 Location: Lisbon

120 guests were attending a conference for 2 days in Lisbon and were looking for a special and dynamic teambuilding experience to enhance the team spirit and have the “Perfect Ending” for the 2 days conference.

The “Champions Experience” 

The true feeling of a professional football player! A unique experience at Benfica Stadium: Everything was prepared to the most ultimate detail for this amazing experience.

The group had the chance to dress official and personalized equipment in the locker rooms of the players, enter the field to the sound of the anthem. Take a team picture like the “pros”, watch the famous eagle flight before starting.

All this was part of the experience and more than that, they had the chance to learn the techniques and practice with the Benfica misters of the junior teams and even to try to beat a legend goalkeeper and score their kick! Finally - a match!

To put the skills to practice, with an official referee. An activity in a rotation for 120 participants, including the experience of the field, a tour through the backstage areas of the stadium, a guided visit to the Benfica TV studios and off course a really nice exclusive coffee break with the best view over the stadium! End with the flash interviews and the press conference with the Man of the Match! Be a professional team, where team spirit and cohesion are the keys to win, was the main goal of the entire experience.

The recreation of a real football team dynamic in one of the most imponent stadiums in Portugal was a very special experience for the group.

The emotion of having one of the biggest Portuguese football team’s stadium private for the group with the presence of real journalists, a legend of the Benfica official team and the whole experience of the match was the highlight of the activity!

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