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Client: Challenge Family Profile: Various Corporate and individual Year: 2017-2019
Area: Sports Duration: 1 day Location: Lisbon

High-powered, high-energy fights with the presence of Olympic athletes and amateurs united by a single passion: triathlon.

Above all, a sports festival where the family is the great protagonist!

The Challenge Lisboa is a test of the world circuit that happens "at the door" in the most modern and most prestigious zone in Lisbon, Parque das Nações. This is one of the most important triathlon circuits in the world and hence the preference of the national and international participants.

Middle Distance

In this event, we counted on the presence of athletes from the elite world, Olympic champions, of Europe and the World. In the 2017 edition, we promoted the return of the 2008 Olympic Vice-Champion Vanessa Fernandes to the triathlon, after an absence of almost 9 years. In the men's event, won the João Pereira, who last month came to be European champion. We believe that they can become ambassadors of the race in Portugal and we are convinced that Challenge can help them fulfil the Olympic dream!

Olympic Plus 

In a test that we test the competitiveness between men and women, with good atmosphere and emotion. Who arrives first? The result is always uncertain from year to year.

Corporate World Cup

We have created unprecedented competition between companies. A proof of relay, that a 3 employees who represent your company, 1 per modality. We challenge all companies to participate and to build strength in this event. We aim to host the world final in Portugal, with all the companies that have won the other races in the circuit.

Team Relay

Friends are already part of the family, and since Challenge is a family brand, we decided to create competition so that everyone can compete for the same team. No matter the age, company, college, what matters is complicity. Create a team and come join!

Family Relay

In this event, we witnessed the union of sport and family values in an unprecedented event. We have created a test for the whole family to participate, with positive energy, where parents, children grandparents, uncles, brothers, achieve the goal and cut the goal TOGETHER!


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