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Business meetings in historic Lisbon
Client: Global Management Consulting Profile: Global Consulting Companies Year: 2019
Area: Meetings & Events Duration: 5 days Location: Lisbon, Portugal

One of the largest global management consulting companies gathered 3,000 of its officers in Lisbon to hold multiple internal meetings over 5 days. For the client, it was important to hold all meetings in the centre of Lisbon, close to the city’s rich history and culture. VOQIN’ created custom-built temporary structures to extend the venue’s meeting rooms capacity, all in great comfort. The result went above and beyond the client’s expectations and significantly contributed to the success of the event.

The "Centro Cultural de Belém" aka CCB was chosen as the only venue for its status as Portugal’s main cultural hub and for it’s proximity to the iconic Jerónimos Monastery as well as Belém Tower, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This unique venue brought with it one major challenge, insufficient meeting rooms to match the event’s extensive schedule of small meetings.

We considered many options during a year-long planning stage including outdoor tents and inflatable structures. The chosen solution was to place temporary metal structures (custom-built extended shipping containers) adjacent to the main meeting spaces inside the CCB. This created an exclusive branded space in an area normally used for parking and deliveries.

The resulting experience was an almost seamless extension of the CCB featuring 30 additional meeting spaces, each for up to 30 participants in full comfort with high-quality AV and comfortable seating. These spaces were connected by a contemporary lounge area that supported valuable informal interactions between the officers, during their down-time.

The result was a huge success, most officers actually preferred to meet here rather than in the CCB’s permanent meeting spaces. VOQIN’s unboring solution enabled the client to have the best of both worlds with meetings held in full comfort within the newly created spaces, right in the cultural centre of Lisbon.

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