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Client: Global Business and Employment Oriented Service Provider Profile: Internal Sales Meeting for EMEA Participants Year: 2018
Area: Meetings & Events Duration: 1 day Location: Barcelona

Welcome Reception

A new type of Spanish Experience

The brief: A 3-hour welcome reception for an audience of 1,500 employees that "had done Spain before”. A smooth easy-going event that creates a sense of networking with a focus on experiences to impress an audience made up of mostly Millennials.


The solution: A real local Spanish village with real local restaurants and shops showcasing their skills with cooking shows, speciality food stations and open bars. Competitors coordinating with each other and working as a team to deliver something special.

Throughout the evening entertainment roamed the narrow village streets encouraging people to learn from storytellers and wandering minstrels. To conclude, modern urban drummers brought the evening to a loud crescendo.

1,500 Participants
15 F&B Stations
8 Bars
We create
unboring solutions
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