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Client: B2Run Portugal Profile: Sports Year: 2016-2018
Area: Sports Duration: 1 day Location: Portugal

Run, Portugal, run!

B2Run is an event for companies that promotes sports throughout the year through a weekly training schedule.

Born in Germany in 2003, it was brought to Portugal by VOQIN 'to fill the gap in the sector: joining informal sports practice in the business and Team Building environment.


Sports is part of our internal culture. Every day we realize the benefits it brings to our employees - more cheerful, relaxed and happy. Knowing the positive effect of sports in companies, we wanted to implement B2Run in Portugal. B2Run bets on sports to generate a positive change of mentalities.

The concept is simple: a 6 km race, held around a large stadium or arena in the city, ending in an apotheosis party with the delivery of prizes in a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging networking.

We chose the athlete Gonçalo Uva to be the B2Run ambassador and to strengthen the teambuilding with exclusive activations. Through our Ambassador, it becomes possible to take B2Run and the associated brands into the main Portuguese companies, in a captivating way, to promote well-being among employees.

3,000 Registrations
+120 Companies and brands involved
28 Average number employees per company
42 New companies in 2018
We create
unboring solutions
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