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Client: B2Run Portugal Profile: Sports Year: 2016-2018
Area: Sports Duration: 1 day Location: Portugal

Run, Portugal, run!

B2Run is an event that challenges companies to compete against each other in a structured competition with teams formed of staff members. The final competition, as well as the training, helps companies promote and live a healthy lifestyle.

B2Run started in Germany in 2003 and it was introduced in Portugal by VOQIN' as a unique type initiative that combines informal training and team building.


Sport is an important part of our internal culture at VOQIN’, we can see its benefits every day. We can see that our active teams are more cheerful, relaxed and happy. Because of this, we wanted to bring B2Run to Portugal, so that others could benefit from this positive physical and mental changes that come with sports.

The concept is simple: a 6 km race, held in a large stadium or arena that ends with a magnificent party and prize ceremony all taking place in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

We selected our very own athlete, father, husband and professional Gonçalo Uva,  as our B2Run ambassador. His role is to introduce the B2Run to all the largest companies in Portugal so that they can benefit from promoting well-being among their employees in such an engaging way.

3,000 Registrations
+120 Companies and brands involved
28 Average number employees per company
42 New companies in 2018
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