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Cliente: Unilever Profile: Top achievers Year: 2017
Área: Brand Activation Duração: 3 days Localização: Lisbon

The objective is bringing together the big names of Brazilian retailers in order to develop the same, as well as better understand the changes inconsumer/shopperr behaviour.

During 3 days of the year, UL Brazil takes this group of the main Brazilian retailers for a trip in international lands.

In 2017 the country chosen to receive this group was Portugal, Lisbon. The event that took place at the Champalimaund Foundation had in its agenda the theme Innovation. Over the course of two days, the guests were given international speakers to discuss the proposed theme: Guy Kawasaki, Stan Lu, Frances Frei and others were one of those responsible for brilliantly bringing such knowledge.

Interspersed with all this we still had the opportunity to show off Portugal's delights and its beauties. And to close with a golden key we invite Mr President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Souza to honour us with a few words, followed by a wonderful Dinner at Palacio Da Ajuda.

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