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Unique experiences that exceed expectations
This incentive rewarded top produces and required unique destination experiences culminating in a spectacular Gala Dinner that exceeded all expectations.

The full programme was spread over Portugal’s two largest cities, Lisbon and Porto. Highlights included:

  • Transforming the Jeronimos Monastery into an exclusive dinner venue
  • Creating a spectacular Gala Dinner within the ruins of an ancient convent
  • Out-of-the-box destination experiences around Porto and Lisbon
  • Unique evening function at Palácio da Bolsa, Porto’s historic stock exchange

We love breaking boundaries to create novel experiences for our clients

The brief demanded that the programme was better and more spectacular than the competing companies’ incentives.

We embraced the brief and through hard work and determination were able to use venues not normally available for events to create an exclusive atmosphere. We pushed the boundaries and we were able to showcase the very best of Portugal in this exclusive context.

Mission accomplished.



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