welcome to VOQIN’

more than an agency or company, we are an emotiontech that improves people’s experiences with content and data
VOQIN’ brings together the best of human connection to develop solutions that provoqe meaningful emotions
a people-centric approach that combines strategy, creativity and technology to deliver truly engaging experiences for an ever-changing world



Definition: Advanced online event technology tools developed based on science-backed research in event design that provoke positive emotions. An emotiontech blends emotion and technology in a crossover space that provides multiple means of reaching and engaging any target audience. It leverages specialised algorithms and streamlines processes to plan, execute, and measure the activation of emotions. An emotiontech creates online experiences, not virtual events.

Market leader: VOQIN’

VOQIN’ is the first and only emotiontech

our purpose is to create positive emotions in people
where there are people, there are emotions
where there are emotions, there is VOQIN’

we believe in hybrid experiences that combine content, entertainment and create unique sensations
our strategy is simple: create positive emotions in human beings, wherever they are, be it in a physical or digital environment

we are an emotiontech that improves people’s experiences with content, data and events for brands


digital streaming with emotion technology

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VOQERs believes in the power of creative intelligence and knowledge as the pillars of building brands experiences for the new world we live in

we are fully aware that what was once separated between real and virtual, or offline and online, is today hybrid and interconnected

to be able to generate positive emotions in people on a global scale, we have Portuguese and American, Spanish and Brazilian staff, all working together in 7 distinct areas covering all area

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we’re building bridges that connect VOQERs, clients, partners and markets around the globe

experiences created for our human senses

neurology and BIG data blended through our exclusive method

other emotions experiences

  the largest corporate
run in the world

B2Run makes use of sport to create positive change in mentalities
in organisations, people make all the difference and successful companies realise the importance to balance the mind and the body

the informal environment is favourable to strengthen relationships and do business,
in addition to promoting physical activity with all its benefits for our health, well-being and for the productivity of the teams

 the premium gourmet
home experience

The Residential is an invitation to prepare an unforgettable meal, without even leaving your home, just a click away

guided by renown chefs, who hand-select the best products (the best wines, olives and preserves, as well as several surprises) delivered to your door so that you can follow along and prepare an exquisite meal

we’ve always been ON

with capable and diverse teams of professionals
in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Florida,
we’re able to safely and strategically support brands
regardless of their location

we have what it takes to take your purpose to the next level


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lisbon is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities in Europe

rua luz soriano, Nº67, 2º dtº
1200-246 lisbon

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