• Por Gabriel Melo

On this page, we are sharing the plans we have in place as well as links to the latest official news and other reliable resources linked to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

COVID-19 is presenting the events and travel industries with a global challenge. VOQIN’ strongly believes in the power and effectiveness of live events and we are doing everything we can to continue to support the safe gathering of people at live events.

It is important that we don’t overreact and keep this global health issue in context. We advise everyone to stay calm, communicate responsibly and follow official health and travel advice.

We are equally keen to mitigate the damage caused by the cancellation and postponement of events, particularly if the reactions are based on misinformation and unfounded panic. Our welfare and that of our partners and suppliers, as well as our local communities, depend on delivering safe events.

This is an unprecedented situation, which is changing daily, so we remain cautious and watchful. Should there be any significant changes, we are committed to communicating with everyone involved in a rapid and responsible manner.

Client events

We currently have no plans to postpone or cancel any of the events we are working on across all our teams. Nevertheless, we are consulting with experts on what the appropriate additional sanitary and health measures are to put in place throughout our events so that we protect all participants and staff involved.

We continue to be regular contact with our clients, suppliers and partners around the world and we are closely monitoring travel and health advisory bodies at each of our destinations.

Please contact us directly via if you have concerns about a specific event or travel to a specific destination.

Internal measures

We have put in place a complete plan regarding our internal working practice as well as how we handle all our staff’s travel. We are happy to share this with clients and partners so that we can all benefit.

Links to official health resources

To avoid any speculation surrounding the impact of COVID-19, please refer to these official resources for the latest information.

Links to industry resources

You may also find these meetings and events industry resources to be of interest.