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Best Race of 2018

Daytona International Speedway holds an unrivalled opportunity for a US-based middle-distance race.

This, together with the exciting side events taking place the day after the main event, will target all triathletes and spectators.

The Daytona International Speedway circuit

will be the centre of activity for both the middle-distance race as well as the unique side events, which include:

● Middle Distance race
● Short-distance triathlon
● 5km run/walk
● Relay triathlon

The artificial lake inside the venue will provide an unmatched spectator experience. Athletes will complete one rectangle lap of the lake before heading towards.

The flat and fast bike leg will partly take place around the speedway circuit before leading triathletes outside the track and onto the surrounding closed roads, all named after famous drivers.

After transitioning in the race venue, athletes tackle the run course which has been designed with spectators in mind. The atmosphere is lured to lift the athletes as they complete four loops of the course before reaching the red carpet and incredible finish arch.

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