Project Description

Harvard Business School OPM 51 e-Reunion

One of the biggest challenges of the Social Distance Era we are living in is maintaining group friendships & communities alive. How to match the happiness of a heartfelt hug through a screen? Or a long waiting gathering that is now taking place in the digital world?

The Challenge

VOQIN’ was challenged to create the best e-reunion ever for Harvard Business School OPM51 alumni class. The emotional goals were simple:

  • Renew and reignite their community feeling
  • Gather everyone together despite the physical distance

But more than a social get-together, this e-reunion had to deliver meaningful content. It had to help every OPMer understand how to sail the unknown waters of this new business world. To be better leaders and know which vital decisions to make the right and succeed.

The Solution

VOQIN’ designed a three-hour digital event that engaged the audience right from the start. With renowned global speakers and inspiring stories from within OPM51 community.

First, engagement started with regular pre-event communications shared in OPM51 WhatsApp group. Invitations, call to action, and event sneak-peaks: keynote speaker videos, OPMers stories topics. To provoke engagement, instigate dialogue, and spike curiosity.

The digital event, held on March 4th, was designed and delivered by VOQIN’ but led by OPMers. It helped increase the friendship bond and feel of belongingness.

Two outstanding guest speakers provided food for thought content. Paulo Portas, who guided everyone through a Covid-19 geographical and economic journey, ending with all the lessons we can take from this pandemic. And Jan Mulhfeit, who inspired everyone to be top performers and positive leaders.

But only when you connect emotionally can you forge long-lasting memories and relationships. We challenged OPMers to step forward and open their hearts by sharing some amazing life-changing stories. These were converted into inspiring videos that allowed the entire audience to feel connected and together by sharing emotional moments and reactions.
Reactions that we saw throughout the whole digital event on our EMEX platform.

The Result

A powerful digital experience, ticking all the boxes. The audience stayed connected throughout the event, and 58 OPMers generated 5880 reactions in less than 3 hours.

“No words!! Amazing and professional event really enjoyed it!! Thank you, Duarte, and Diogo for this effort to reunite all of us. Miss you all”.

OPMer Simon Galante

“I want to thank personally to the great VOQIN´s team whom I had the pleasure to work on the past weeks and learn so much. You have an amazing charisma and never lose that passion you have for what you do. It is your identity and what makes you all great”.

OPMer Duarte Champalimaud


Reactions in 3h



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Project Details

  • Client industryEducational
  • OFFline or ONline ONline
  • Type of eventVirtual Meeting
  • Event Duration3 hours each day
  • VOQIN's rolesStrategy / Design / Content / Production / Innovation