Project Description

Amplify YPO creating a new future for business with AI

YPO is a global leadership community of extraordinary chief executives that believe in the common debate as an important tool to inspire innovation.

Creating a new future for artificial Intelligence is a high priority for those who believe in AI as a tool for expanding and innovating in the digital era.

In this virtual event, Neil Sahota presented Artificial Intelligence as part of the solution that will allow our societies, industries and businesses to reach higher rates of productivity and better performances, as well as more opportunities for inclusion and equality.

The Challenge

VOQIN’ was challenged to create an interactive and easy to navigate event on Artificial Intelligence for the YPO community worldwide.
The goals were simple:

  • Create an event concept that illustrated the idea of expansion and innovation of any industry or business through AI.
  • Even if the event was under the YPO umbrella, we needed to highlight the central role that the key speaker had in the event.
  • Provide a user-friendly technological solution for the Q&A session between the participants and the key speaker.

The Solution

VOQIN’ designed a 90 minutes digital event that captured the attention of the participants throughout the main panel lead by the key speaker Neil Sahota, a business guru and author of the book “Own the A.I revolution”.

The name and of the event, “AmplIfy”, was designed to transmit the idea of expansion and to play with the nice casualty of the presence of the letters A and I in the word.

The key speaker pre-recorded his one-hour presentation that was transmitted through EMEX in order to maintain the transition smooth and stable right after the warm welcome message from Oleg.

The public engagement started with a personalized pre-event communication where the audience could start their registration and discovered the event’s agenda.

Thanks to EMEX, the participants perceived the event as a live broadcasting. For the transition between the plenary room and the networking session, we used a QR Code that was projected on the audience’s screen on a pop-up and that gave direct access to a live Q&A session with key speaker on Zoom.

The Result

An inspiring and motivating experience was provided to our global YPO audience.
The participants stayed connected throughout the event, and 150 people from 23 different countries generated 598 reactions in less than 2 hours.


Different Countries


Hours in EMEX

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Project Details

  • Client industryAssociation
  • OFFline or ONline ONline
  • Type of eventLive Pitch
  • Event Duration2 hours
  • VOQIN's rolesProduction / Innovation