global experience agency


VOQIN’ brings together the best of human connection to develop physical, digital and hybrid solutions that provoqe meaningful emotions. A people-centric approach that combines strategy, creativity and technology to deliver truly engaging projects for an ever-changing world.

  • 20 years of experience on the Events, Communication, Digital and MICE industry;
  • Track record of over 3500 events in 67 countries;
  • Multilingual team of specialists.

We love relevant and immersive experiences. But how we make that happen? Not just by magic.

At VOQIN’ we believe that emotions are the core drive to design experiencesphysical, digital or hybrid – if we let human connections be at the center of our solutions.

Our main areas are focused on strategy, content, production and logistics with a global mindset.



We developed our own work framework:

Our EMOTIONAL THINKING framework allows us to plan, design and deliver impactful experiences, helping our customers get the maximum results possible from each event, campaign or communication strategy.

We are Emotion Creators, we are VOQIN'.

Our expertise and experience made us realize that emotions are the only way to shift the mindset from a DMC to a global agency that truly create experiences for humans that aim create impact.